About Us

Welcome to Southern Chic! Curated by owner Megan Harrison Lord, the shop was born from a love of historic Southern cities where Megan has lived – Charleston, Savannah, and New Orleans to name a few – and a desire to bring a bit of their character and style back to her hometown.

Southern Chic appreciates good design, and is proud to offer products sourced from local and regional artists and makers. We’re always on the hunt for new products that reflect the craftsmanship and heart of their makers; we love to share their stories with our customers and believe they make the most thoughtful gifts and most inspiring home decor.

We appreciate our Southern traditions – who doesn’t love a good monogram or a timeless piece of antique furniture? We also believe those traditions can be adapted to inspire a new generation. A healthy mix of vintage and modern design both respects the past and looks to the future, bringing a sense of grounded comfort to a modern Southern home.

Since 2007, Southern Chic has attracted the most discerning shoppers with its unique selection of gifts and home decor. When owners Megan and Adam Lord purchased the shop in June 2016, they committed to carrying on the tradition of bringing you the best in Southern design, supporting local artisans, and shopping local by building on a foundation of personal service, hard-work, and having passion for what you do.


Meet the Owners: Megan & Adam

Central Louisiana natives, we were high school friends eager to embark on our individual journeys when we moved away in 2000. Adam travelled north to attend LA Tech University (B.A. History, Literature) and I (Megan) east to Tuscaloosa and The University of Alabama (B.F.A. art history, French). Higher education pulled us further east: Adam to Charleston (M.A. history, College of Charleston/The Citadel) and Megan to Savannah (M.F.A. historic preservation, M.A. architectural history, SCAD). Amidst a background of historic row houses and Spanish moss, we became more than friends. Armed with master’s degrees, a marriage license, and not much else, we hesitantly ventured back to our beloved home state in 2007  – to another iconic Southern city, New Orleans – in the wake of hurricane Katrina.

Living and working in New Orleans in the early years after Katrina was a humbling and inspiring experience. We are so grateful to have played a small role in helping rebuild the city and educate its youth, but know that New Orleans and her people offered us more than we ever offered them. They taught us about pride of place, tenacity of spirit, and having the confidence to do your own thing at a time when we were just beginning to make our way. Oh, how those lessons have directed our path.

We made the tough decision to leave a city we loved and move back to central Louisiana in 2010, a move we would have shuddered at ten years earlier! Adam is an educator and Megan runs a successful preservation and design studio, Hunt & Gather Home, LLC, in addition to the store. We have two precious boys whose creativity and energy inspire us to continue working (and playing) hard in order to see our dream of owning a small business succeed. We are thankful to be back in the place that nurtured us, doing the things we love, near family and friends who sent us out into the world believing we could help make it a better place.

With our store + studio, we believe we can do just that by helping you create a home that is comfortable, peaceful, and timelessly elegant and by celebrating special people and events with thoughtful, meaningful, well-crafted gifts.

We believe in Louisiana. We believe in coming home again.